French Polynesia(pyf)

Flag of French Polynesia (according to wikipedia/wikipedia/1/1)


The flag of French Polynesia (French: drapeau de la Polynésie française) is the civil and state flag of the French overseas country French Polynesia. It was adopted in 1984. According to the articles of adoption, the flag of French Polynesia must be displayed with the French tricolor, and may be displayed with the flags of the component archipelagos. The French Polynesian flag must be displayed to the left of the French flag, and the flag of the archipelago must be displayed to its right.

Two red horizontal bands encase a wide white band in a 1:2:1 ratio; centered on the white band is the coat of arms of French Polynesia as a 0.43m diameter disk with a blue and white wave pattern depicting the sea on the lower half and a gold and white ray pattern depicting the sun on the upper half; a Polynesian canoe rides on the wave pattern; the canoe has a crew of five represented by five stars that symbolize the five island groups; red and white are traditional Polynesian colors.

Flags of component archipelagos

  • Flag of the Austral Islands

  • Flag of the Gambier Islands

  • Flag of the Marquesas Islands

  • Flag of the Leeward Islands

  • Flag of the Tuamotu Archipelago

Flags of the Society Islands
Leeward Islands
  • Flag of Bora Bora

  • Flag of Raiatea

  • Flag of Huahine

Windward Islands
  • Flag of Tahiti

  • Flag of Moorea-Maiao

Flags of the Tuamotu Archipelago
  • Flag of Hao

  • Flag of Makatea

  • Flag of Reao Pukaruha

Flags of the Austral Islands
  • Flag of Rapa Iti

  • Flag of Rimatara

  • Flag of Rurutu

  • Flag of Tubuai

  • Flag of Raivavae