Flag of Jordan (according to wikipedia/wikipedia/1/1)


The flag of Jordan, officially adopted on 16 April 1928, is based on the 1916 flag of the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire during World War I. The flag consists of horizontal black, white, and green bands that are connected by a red chevron. The colours are the Pan-Arab Colors, respectively representing the Abbasid (black band), Umayyad (white band), and Fatimid or Rashidun caliphates (green band). The red chevron is for the Hashemite dynasty, and the Arab Revolt.


In addition to the bands and chevron, a white star with seven points is featured on the hoist side of the red chevron. The star stands for the unity of the Arab people; its seven points refer to the seven verses of Al-Fatiha as well as the seven hills Amman was built on.

  • First flag (1921–1928)

  • Second flag (1928–1939)

Interpretation of the colors
Scheme Textile colour
Red The Hashemite dynasty, bloody struggle for freedom
White The Umayyad dynasty, bright and peaceful future
Green The Fatimid dynasty or Rashidun Caliphate
Black The Abbasid dynasty
Colours scheme
Red White Green Black
RGB 206/17/38 255/255/255 0/122/61 0/0/0
Hexadecimal #ce1126 #FFFFFF #007a3d #000000
CMYK 0/92/82/19 0/0/0/0 100/0/50/52 0/0/0/100
Construction Sheet
  • flag construction sheet

Historical flags

  • Flag of the Tanukhid Confederation (196 AD–circa 1100 AD)

  • Banner of the Ghassanid Kingdom (220–638)

  • Flag under Arab administration (1918–1920)

  • Flag of the Arab Kingdom of Syria (1920)

  • Flag of the Emirate of Transjordan (1921–1928)

  • Flag of the Emirate of Transjordan (1928–1939)

  • Flag of the Hashemite Arab Federation (1958)

Military flags

  • Flag of the Royal Jordanian Army

  • Ensign of the Royal Jordanian Navy

  • Ensign of the Royal Jordanian Air Force